Add a pinch of Qwirk in your life

We are the solution for all your qwirky little needs. Ever felt that little monster inside you commenting at everything you see or giggling at things no one else found funny. Well, you may like it or not there is that little guy within all of us who sees life differently- who laughs and judges and totally enjoys itself and whether we accept it or not that is who we truly are. So let your insane, odd, peculiar, curious, idiosyncratic, eccentric, off-beat quirky self out with our products crafted especially for you.

You may be a nerd, or a stud. You could be a scholar or a last bencher. You may be a witch, wizard or even a muggle. A Jedi or a Padawan. A vigilante or a super villain. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.
At Qwirk Store we strive to help you express the plethora of moods, or phases you may have with the most quirky designs. We focus on what you love and how we can express that with a pinch of qwirk!

What we do?

Step 1: Idea- We think of the most bizarre things that drive you. That innate passion which resides deep inside you. Or even something that you truly are!

Step 2: Design- We wrap it up in qwirkiness! And our artists create the most innovative designs which simply make your jaw drop and make you go – WOW!

Step 3: Ta Da! Our awesome products are ready to be yours exclusively at Qwirk Store.

Why we do it?

We are a bunch of passionate people who are absolutely crazy about what they love. From the Magical world of Harry Potter to the Tales of the Middle earth to the Journeys of the USS Enterprise. We have amongst us those who loved to study and be a top student to those who binge watched during exams. We have in our team the fitness freaks and the voracious care free extra cheese pizza lovers. We love Bollywood from the dialogues of Mr Bachchan to the thumkas of Govinda, from the “yeh haath mujhe de de Thakur” to “Mere Pass Maa Hai”. From Apna Time Ayega to Hows the Josh and Aal Izz Well!

And I can go on and on and on. But in short we are a passionate bunch of folks and know what it is to love a world that only you believe exists. Hence at Qwirk Store we strive at making you feel a part of the world you want to live in. Express what you feel and dance to your own tunes. Ofcourse with a pinch of qwirk.


- Qwirk Out!